Erin Kate's fiction has appeared in print and online.

"A Girl Is (Not) a Pirate Ship," Booth 11, Fall 2017 (and online).

"Fourth Grade Boyfriend in a Coffee Can," The Normal School, Spring 2017.

"Half-Lives of Sisters," Copper Nickel, Spring 2017.

"Fodor's Wapakoneta: Anastasia Posner's Autobiographical Museum," Hayden's Ferry Review, Fall/Winter 2015.

"Many Deaths of Paula Jean Welden," Conjunctions (Web Conjunctions), November 2014.

"16 Things That Are True," Glimmer Train, Spring/Summer 2014.

"Walking on Sunshine," A cappella Zoo (winner of Apospecimen Award), Fall 2013.

She recently received the 2017 James Jones First Novel Fellowship, a 2017 McKnight fellowship, a Minnesota Emerging Writers grant, and a Minnesota Artist's Initiative grant in support of her novel in progress, Quantum Girl Theory. She is also completing a short story collection, Parade of Horribles.

EK's nonfiction, mostly about either the craft of writing or abortion, can be found on The Loft Literary Center's Writers' Block craft blog (e.g., on flat language, simple sentences, & narrative thrust), Rewire News, and elsewhere.